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What is WPC ETA?

The sale of any electronic device in the Indian market that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies requires an ETA license from the WPC. This certification is mandatory for both locally manufactured and imported devices that operate on de-licensed frequency bands and use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Manufacturers, including both domestic and importers, must obtain an ETA license for devices that use radio technology.
The WPC ETA Certification is a process conducted by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) department under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in India. The WPC is responsible for issuing licenses related to amateur radio and overseeing the use of the frequency spectrum. The department is headquartered in New Delhi and has regional offices in Guwahati, Calcutta, Mumbai, and Chennai.

What is the validity and renewal of ETA?

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is granted for a particular product model and remains valid as long as the product is manufactured without any modifications. There is no need for renewal of the approval as long as the product remains unchanged.

The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) is the regulatory body that oversees the activities of WPC in India. The Ministry of Telecommunications is responsible for regulating such departments in India. Apart from out-licensing, the DoT also manages the frequency spectrum and monitors its usage. The Indian Wireless and Indian Telegraphy Act is the primary legislation that governs the licensing requirements for different types of equipment.

List of Items /Products under WPC

Transceivers, transmitters, receivers, Bluetooth, Wireless blue-tooth watches, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and readers, wireless mouse and keypads, small digital radios, wireless medical products used for patient profiling laptops, wireless home appliances, wireless water heaters, wireless car radio, mobile phones, remote key for entry, wireless headphones and/or earplugs, wireless music players, wireless remotes, and any other radio frequency modules.

Approval Authorizations of WPC Certification

The list of approvals that fall under WPC is mentioned as follows –

Intro Blue Tick Mark

ETA, which stands for Equipment Type Approval

Intro Blue Tick Mark

Type Approval

Intro Blue Tick Mark

Experimental Approval

Intro Blue Tick Mark

DPL, which stands for Dealer Possession Licenses

Intro Blue Tick Mark

NDPL, which stands for Non-Dealer Possession Licenses

Intro Blue Tick Mark

Import Licenses for Radio Gadgets

Eligibility Criteria for WPC Certification in India

The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) department under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in India issues licenses for the use of wireless technology. If you want to use wireless technology in your products, you will need to obtain a WPC certification.

Here are the eligibility criteria for WPC certification in India

1. Applicant Type

Any Indian citizen or company registered in India can apply for a WPC certification. The applicant can be a manufacturer, importer, or dealer.Importers and manufacturers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities must obtain WPC certification and a Certificate of Import authorisation before selling them in the Indian market.For Representative Appointed –

In India, the applicant appoints an authorised representative for the WPC approval if it is a foreign company. The authorised representative will be a company who shall represent the foreign company in processing the filing process with reference to the approval of WPC in India.

2. Product Type
The WPC certification is required for all products that use wireless technology, including smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. The products must comply with the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885, and the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933.

3. Testing

All products must undergo testing by a WPC-approved testing laboratory. The laboratory must be accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) or the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

Report from ISO Labs
There is no obligation of any form of particular in-country testing if the manufacture of the product is done within the country. The only mandatory requirement is a specific RF(Radio Frequency) report which should be taken from an accredited laboratory of ISO/IEC 17025.frequency resultsIt is imperative that the frequency result of the specific wireless accessory must necessarily be there in the results. The individual results are required to specify the resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, frequency and sweep.

4. Documents
The following documents are required for WPC certification

1. Application formTest report from a WPC-approved testing laboratory
2. Certificate of incorporation or registration
3. Authorization letter from the manufacturer or importer
4. End-user declarationTechnical specifications of the product
5. Product brochure
6. Bill of material

5. Fee
The fee for WPC certification varies depending on the product and the number of frequency bands used. The fee must be paid online through the WPC website.Obtaining a WPC certification can be a complex process, but it is essential for any product that uses wireless technology. If you need assistance in obtaining a WPC certification, Aaditech Services can provide comprehensive support for the approval process.

Why Aaditech Service is best for getting your WPC License

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